Webcalibrate has been in the business of search engine optimisations for over 7 years. As our main base is in Malta most of our clients are local and normally, they target a Maltese audience. It is a fact that Google will deliver its results based on the location of the person doing the search, but to do so we need to assist the web engine to correctly identify the target location of the site.

The first step is to have your website registered on a local domain. In Malta we us we either use or .mt. If you already have a registered domain you are using we would suggest investing in a Maltese registered Domain and having it redirect to your .com site.

On the website make sure you have a prominent local physical address, ideally in the footer and your business location mapped on a google map. When content writing one should focus on keywords that contain local variations like Malta, Maltese or specific villages or cities. SEO efforts to build Inbound links should be more focused on local sites to influence as much as possible local searches.

How cloudflare can improve your website and hurt your SEO

From our experiments, we identified that the location of the server hosting your sites also plays an important part. This can be challenging as several sites are hosted with international hosting companies having servers speared worldwide. The location of your server helps you rank better and having a near client-server will reduce internet latency when loading a website.

A common issue that happens to high-traffic websites that use cloud flare or any other caching services is that this could confuse search engines when identifying the location and target of the website.  Cloudflare target audience is mainly the USA so when setting up services like cloud flare one should keep an eye on the setup of the mirror server and keep it as close as possible. For Malta, an ideal server location would be Amsterdam as at least this is within Europe.

 Google business profile better known as google my business is a very effective tool that should be used to create short posts and make sure reviews are replied to immediately. Also from google business profile one can get very interesting insights on how your website is being found.

We at webcalibrate are experts at ranking sites in Malta and we are more than happy to help you increase your traffic and conversions.