Digital marketing

Webcalibrate – a digital marketing company with a 360 view

At WebCalibrate we provide technical and marketing consultancy for any online business. We will provide your business with custom tools to integrate and automate digital marketing related work including social media promotion, email marketing, sms messaging and search engine optimisation and more. Our web site development service include ways to help you monitor and improve your web site traffic, search engine ranking, website performance and up time.



Our digital service is designed for business managers who want to take their business to the next level. We do not offer just a website but a full solution into creating an online presence. We will go through the hassle of administrating your website and all online assets with constant monitoring and tuning on your website performance, provide fresh updated content on daily basis, posting to your social media channels, and constantly build your client list. We will help you  promote new offers in several ways and give you a clear vision of results.

Creating and implementing a proper marketing strategy on daily basis is both challenging and time consuming. That is why several business are using our services.

Our Services include

Our customers range from retail shops, service providers and online gaming companies and our specialty is to help our clients identify great ideas, bring them to life and present them to their clients.

  • Social Media Automation

    Keeping up with social media is a very time consuming exercise but it is not hard to manage with our integration tools. Exploit the power of social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc… to build you company digital image and let your customers be your ambassadors.

  • Email marketing

    Automate and schedule your email marketing campaigns. We will assist you in creating, building and managing your client list and designing your email campaigns.

  • Facebook marketing

    Need help with your Face book page management. Our digital marketing agents can assist you to achieve the best return on you Facebook pay per click campaigns.

  • Sms Marketing

    One of the best marketing channels is mobile. The results of a good SMS marketing campaigns are amazing yet some businesses ignore this. We can provide with a cost effective automated marketing campaign using sms technology.  Straight to your clients pocket !!!

  • Web site optimisation

    Your site is competing with the rest of the world wide web. We will be taking care of your up time monitoring and providing Site optimisation to increase traffic, loading time and conversions.

  • Web development

    We offer a 360 digital solution and if you require web site development we can provide it. Specializing in both CMS like wordpress and joomla development we can also provide custom website development and integration with 3rd party providers.

  • Social media integration

    Integration and automation are ways we build systems around your current infrastructure to make the best use of your data, and it does not stop there we will be able to schedule and auto post to social media from these various sources.

  • Web hosting

    We provide several types of online and off line hosting options both windows and Linux for web sites and online services. Not only hosting but all the IT support you need to get your products delivered.

  • SEO

    Speak to our digital marketing team for a free search engine optimization consultation. We will help you identify keywords and rank higher

Webcalibrate Automated digital marketing Ideas

What makes us stand out of the competition is that we will not only understand your needs but we promise to provide you with  “The best solution for your problem”. No matter how small is your budget or how big is your competition we can help….

A case of loyalty and personalisation for your client relationship.

Are you making the best use of your client list? Would you like that your customers receive offers automatically on occasions like Birthdays, anniversaries, company promotions? What if your clients receive a special offer if they have reached a certain target example 1K per month for 3 consecutive months… If these ideas get a your marketing department excited than you should speak to us cause we can help you achieve this through automation.

Increasing Marketing channels and content creation

Even with a dedicated team of content creators, your website content either out of date or costing you too much human effort. Fresh content is crucial for re selling to your current clients and acquiring new ones. At webcalibrate we will identify any content generating department, like your human resources, marketing department, competitors and suppliers and integrate with your website as a content generation tool. We also integrate new marketing channels like social media Facebook and twitter to automatically create posts and updates linked to any content or activity.